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Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre (under the aegis of the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology)


The Mobile Exhibition Unit
This was a specially designed bus equipped with 24 interactive science exhibits on the theme "We Are One". The exhibits illustrated the working of the different organs inside the human body. The scientific facts causing apparent physical differences among respective individuals were highlighted. The Museobus visited several schools and organizations around the island. It is now no longer opearational.
Infotech and Orange Expo
For several consecutive years, we have participated in major ICT events like Infotech and Orange Expo with the National Computer Board and the Mauritius Telecom respectively in  at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre introducing Science and related subjects to the 5-13 age group. A series of shows and interactive activities were offered to the visitors. Feedback obtained from participating kids, their parents and the organisers were most favouirable.
Science Festival
The Science Festival was held during the weekend of 01 and 02 December 2007 and was designed to target all age-groups. This was a first time national event to give a major boost and interest in the field of Science and Technology in Mauritius. Several items were on the agenda including a Science Expo featuring display panels and equipments from various users of Science in the country, Guided Science Tour, Planetarium, Science and Film shows, Treasure Hunts, Quiz Competitions, Book Fair, Kid-space, Science of Music, Medical Check-up, Internet Awareness Programmes and many others. 

This event was fully covered by the press and attracted at least 15,000 visitors.


Photo Exhibition on Late Shree Rajiv Gandhi 

A photo exhibition was set-up several times on the occasion of the birth anniversary of late Shri Rajiv Gandhi. This exhibition consisted of photos on the Life and Works of Rajiv Gandhi.  About 35 photos portrayed Late Shree Rajiv Gandhi in the following forms:

o  The Humanist

o  The Statesman

o  The Patriot

o  The Leader

Fun Cycle Ride

With the introduction of sophisticated means of transport, bicycles are less considered by commuters. With a view to promoting the use of bicycles for mobility, the RGSC organised for the first time in 2013 a Science Fun Cycle Ride at Montagne Blanche to promote the use of bicycles as a cost-effective alternative means of transport and for health benefits as well as reducing our carbon footprints.

National Science Week

With a view to attract and engage more and more public towards science, the RGSC organised the Science Week at various locations around the island, including Rodrigues.  This event essentially portrayed the practical importance of Science and Technology in various sectors of the Mauritian economy. An exhibition was held by RGSC for science popularisation.  Various stakeholders were invited to showcase sciences and technologies in relation to their duties, missions, roles, services etc to simply amaze the public. This event has taken place at Rose Belle, Riviere du Rempart, Flacq, Rodrigues, Quatre Bornes, Bambous, L'escalier, St Pierre, Triolet and Plaine Verte.

Caravane de la Science

The ‘Caravane de la Science’ was a programme destined to travel to schools around Mauritius to engage our students in science-based activities. An exhibition by stakeholders was mounted to keep our student population abreast with the developments in Science and Technology for a better life. Several schools have benefitted from this programme in the past.


  • Junior Science Adventure: A thematic Science project-based competition targetted at primary school students of standard IV and V with the objective of creating an interest in science among our young pupils and to initiate them to the investigation of contextual science problems encountered in their daily life. JSA was organised in 2008, 2009 and 2010. The respective themes were "Me & My Environment", "Me & My Health" and "Maurice Ile Durable".
  • The National Science Challenge (NSC) was a project based competition open to Form IV and Lower Six Students. It was undoubtedly one of the biggest and most attractive national project-based competition which culminates into a one-week exhibition and the best overall project awarded with the Young Scientist Award. It was in fact a forum for students from secondary schools from all over the island to showcase their independent research. The NSC united the top young scientific minds of the country to showcase their talent on a national level and gets thrilling experience while being assessed by expert judges.The first edition took place in 2006 and was organised every year till 2009.

  • Science Quiz : Organised for the first time by the RGSC, with the collaboration of the Mauritius College of The Air in 2005, it aimed students of form IV and V. This competition was repeated in 2006.

  • Science Communication Contest: A competition which aimed the Lower Secondary level students where they were given the opportunity to research on any science related topic and prepare a powerpoint presentation to be delivered in front of a panel of judges. The first edition took place in 2007 and was also organised subsequently in 2008 and 2009. 
  • Science Adventure: a project-based competition open to students of Standard IV and V for the primary category and to students of Form I, II and III for the secondary category. It was first organised in 2011 and since then it became an annual feature at RGSC until 2013. 

  • Young Scientist in Action​: Young Scientist in Action was a project-based competition, opened to pupils of Standard IV and V. During their project, participants, along with the help of their teachers, were required to identify a problem at school or in their locality and to use science and technology to remedy the problem.

  • Science Quest: Targeting students of Secondary level, the Science Quest aimed at encouraging students to reflect on how they can make life better at home or in their surroundings through the use of Science and Technology. They were required to work a project for this purpose. The Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre launched the first edition of the Science Quest in February 2014.

  • Science Mural Contest: ​The Science Mural contest was an on the spot thematic painting contest opened to students of Form IV and V.They had to produce a Mural depicting any theme related to Science & Technology.

  • Science Through Colours: ​The RGSC, in collaboration with the Indian High Commission and the Indira Gandhi Centre for Indian Culture, organized the Science Through Colours Competition. It wasan on-spot drawing and painting contest targeted at Form I, II and III students.The idea behind having a painting competition on science topics was to bridge the gap between art and science.

  • Rodrigues Science Challenge: The Rodrigues Science Challenge (RSC) was a science project-based competition aimed at upper primary and lower secondary school children of Rodrigues, which gave them the opportunity to investigate issues related to science and technology using the scientific method.