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Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre (under the aegis of the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology)

Temporary Exhibitions

The Science of Sports

The highly interactive and educational exhibit on "Science of Sports", developed by the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre is now open!

With various hands-on and body-on experiences, this exhibition engages its visitors in a variety of sports challenges. From our ancient traditional games such as "La Marelle", "Sapsiwaye" and marbles, to modern and popular games such as golf, bowling, you will explore how science and technology is intrisically linked with sports and games. You will challenge your body and mind as you explore how incredible feats in sports are just science and technology at work. Discover how force, energy, pressure, centre of gravity, trajectory, friction, momentum, electicity, aerodynamics and material science affects performance

For more details, please contact education dept. on 213 2773 or


Other temporary exhibitions developed by RGSC:

        1.      Mauritius Through Maps (2005),

        2.      Mathematics in our Daily Life (2006)

        3.      Inventions and Discoveries that Changed our lives (2008),

        4.      Pole Nord-Pole Sud (2009),

        5.      The Universe: Yours to Discover (2009),

        6.      ‘Climate Change: opportunities, threats and Challenges’ (June 2012)


The latest exhibition entitled ‘Climate Change: opportunities, threats and Challenges’ was inaugurated in June 2012.  It relates the causes of climate change and highlights the impact of Climate change on various aspects of our economy.  The exhibition, which was developed fully in-house, was fundedby the Government of Japan and UNDP under the Africa Adaption Programme for Climate Change. 

The exhibition initially designed to be a temporary exhibition has now been fully integrated in the gallery ‘Land and Environment of Mauritius.’