“Fly me into Space”

In the context of the 15th anniversary of the opening of the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre (RGSC) and to commemorate the 85th birth anniversary of famous Cosmonaut Mr. Yuri Gagarin, the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre in collaboration with the Russian Embassy in Mauritius launches a new exhibition entitled “Fly Me into Space”. The exhibition portrays the conquest of space by Russian Scientists and unique photographs from the Tsiolkovsky State Museum of Cosmonautics, Kaluga, Russia.  


RGSC is privileged to welcome the eminent Russian Cosmonaut pilot Mr. Sergueï Avdeyev to launch the exhibition. Mr. Sergueï Vasilyevich Avdeyev was selected as a cosmonaut as part of the Energia Engineer Group 9 on 26 March 1987. At one point he held the record for cumulative time spent in space with 747.59 days in earth orbit, accumulated through three tours of duty aboard the Mir Space Station. He has orbited the earth 11,968 times traveling about 515,000,000 kilometers.

The Russian Cosmonaut participated in a press conference followed by interviews and interactions with students and the scientific community on Tuesday 26 November 2019.The exhibition will be opened to the public from Friday 29 November 2019 until 12 April 2020.