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Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre (under the aegis of the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology)



The Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre is willing to extend its activities so as to communicate Science and Technology to all age groups. We firmly believe that students, young and mature adults can help us in this endeavour. In light of the above, a pool of volunteers is required so as to assist us in the smooth running of our activities by dedicating some of their time, expertise and effort to the promotion of Science and Technology.
What would you get as a volunteer?
Help in popularising science to a wide audience;
Work in groups, interact with peers and engage in networking;
Get work experience and explore career opportunities;
Discover your new skills and capabilities;
Fill your spare time by helping others and having fun;
Personal development and enjoyment.
What do you need to have?
Age above 16 years;
Fluent in English, French and/or Creole;
Team spirit, Good Communication skills;
Strong motivation for promoting science and technology.
What do we provide?
Volunteers will be required to attend a brief training session before starting.


All volunteers will get a testimonial to highlight their participation. An allowance may be provided depending on the nature and duration of work. Download Volunteer Application Form and send it to us on the following address:
The Director
Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre
Old Moka Road,
Bell Village.
Email: &
Tel: (230) 213 2773, Fax: (230) 213 2726