Acc 2023
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The AfriCAN Code Challenge, as part of the Africa Code Week Initiative, is a pan-African coding competition where youth aged 8 – 16 are tasked with coding a game using the Scratch programming language to address a theme that is determined by the Africa Code Week team. The theme for ACC 2023 is “Welcome to my Africa”.

This competition was launched by SAP Africa Code Week and partners UNESCO, Irish Aid, the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) and Jokkolabs in September 2020, and since then has become an annual celebration of youth and innovation in Africa to allow them to unleash their creativity and express themselves freely on issues they feel important to them. The main objective is to empower the African youth with 21st century skills.


  • The contest is open to students aged 8 to 16 in Mauritius
  • You can participate individually or in a team of maximum 5 participants under the supervision of a parent/mentor/educator
  • Gender Balance: At least 1 female & 1 male if participating as a team.
  • Multiple teams can be entered from a school or coding club, however each individual can only be entered into one team
  • Individuals and teams need to participate under the supervision of a teacher/mentor/parent.


  • Your mission: program a Scratch game or animation on the theme: “Welcome to my Africa”
  • Submit a 3-min YouTube video presenting your game concept. This is what you will be judged on.


  • Registration for African Code Week Challenge 2022 opens on 29 June 2023, REGISTER HERE
  • There is no deadline for registration. However, participants are recommended to register before end of July 2023
  • Deadline for submission of 3-min YouTube video is on 16th October 2023.

3. Prizes

  • Rs 8000 cash prize to 3 best projects each
  • Shield, tokens and certificates to registered Mentors/Educators/Parents of Winning Projects
  • Gifts to 5 projects coming after the 3 best.
  • Certificate of Participation to all


For more information:

Contact Hemraj Ramsurrun (Ambassador for Africa Code Week in Mauritius)

on 59204145/213 2773 or or visit