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Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre (under the aegis of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research)
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Lectures / Seminars / Talks

In view of its mission to popularise science and technology and inculcating a scientific temper among the student community and the public at large, RGSC regularly organises lectures, talks and seminars both inhouse and outreach, especially in schools. These lectures are basically discussions conducted by subject experts on particular science topics.

Interesting recent talks conducted by eminent scientists

‘The General Theory of Relativity’ by Professor S. N. Pandey
'Volcanoes' by Mr. T. Staudacher
Sustainable Development by Prof. Odendaal
"Extra Solar Planets" & "Time and Evolution in the Cosmos" by Prof. Hearnshaw
"Decouvrir la Terre en regardant le Ciel" by Mr. J. L. Heudier
"Computational Chemistry" by Prof. Ramasamy
"Science of Meteorology" by Mr. R. Virasami