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Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre (under the aegis of the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology)


Young Scientist Workshop

The Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre organizes workshops for students of standard V and Forms II – III during school holidays. These workshops kindle their interest in science and to encourage them to take up science subjects. Lectures, model-making sessions, quiz, group discussions and games form part of the activities. Participants develop observation and experimentation skills and acquire scientific attitudes to become curious, objective, critical and rational. A certificate of participation is awarded to all the participants.
Please visit our website for our forthcoming workshop especially at the approach of school holidays.
Topics/experiments conducted:

Making a Sundial, Fun Making Bubbles, Exploring Cell Structures using a Microscope, Aero-modeling,
Model of Lung, Hot Air Balloon, Making a Model Volcano, Constructing a Wind Vane, Exploring Insects, Cloud in a Bottle, Cartesian Diver, DC Motor, Making Soap, Mirrors, Light, Colours and Lenses, Electrochemistry, Plants in our Environment, Morphology of Leaves and Classification, Plant Pigments, Transport of water in plants, Plant seeds and Germination, Flowers, Exploring plant cells, Root system of plants, Constructing a Solar Cooker, , Simple Water Turbine, Simple Wind Turbine, Making an Anemometer, Forces of Nature, Thermal Energy and Heat, Balloon Expansion Experiment, Forms of Energy, Energy Transformation,
Teachers' Workshop

The Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre  has also organized workshop
for primary school teachers during school holidays. Teachers and officials from primary inspectorate were given the opportunity for hands-on experiences.