National Science Week 2017

In order to attract and engage the public towards science, the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre, with the support of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research, is organising the National Science Week 2017 (NSW17) from 08 May 2017 to 12 May 2017.

• Science and Technology Exhibition
  09-11 May 2017
  Time: 09 30 - 1400 hrs

• Thematic Seminars
  08-12 May 2017

• NCD Screening

Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre
Old Moka Road
Bell Village


Science is such a universal subject that we cannot do away with it. In line with the Vision 2030, Mauritius has already embarked on a new era of socio-economic development.
Thus in the years to come the country will need a critical mass of Engineers, Medical Doctors, Architects and many more other Technical Resources to meet the future socio-economic challenges of the country.

Moreover, for those not opting for science as a career, a basic knowledge of science is essential for better understanding the functioning of our own body, for being aware about proper nutrition as regards to health, understanding abrupt climatic changes, etc.

In this context, the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre is organising the National Science Week 2017 (NSW17). The aims and objectives of the National Science Week are to:

a) Communicate science and technology in the community;
b) Promote public understanding of science issues and
c) Reveal the practical importance of Science and Technology in various sectors of the Mauritian economy.
d) Encourage the youth to embark into science-oriented careers
e) Encourage Hands-on teaching and learning of STEM
f) Prepare Mauritius to face future scientific and Technological challenges


Parallel Sessions

A five-day event is scheduled concurrently with the exhibition as follows:

• Day 1 (8 May)
Seminar: Research Trends in Science and Technology
Target Audience: HSC Students
Programme Day one
Launching Ceremony of NSW 2017 at 12.45 hrs
Programme Launching Ceremony
• Day 2 (9 May)
Seminar: Opportunities in Science
Target Audience: Lower Secondary level students
Programme Day Two
• Day 3 (10 May)
Seminar: Informal Science Education
Target Audience: Professionals in the Education Sector, Early Childhood Teachers, Primary and Secondary Educators
Programme Day Three
• Day 4 (11 May)
Seminar: Science and Society
Target Audience: Women Associations
Programme Day Four
• Day 5 (12 May)
Seminar: Success Stories of local Scientists
Target Audience: Form IV students
Programme Day Five

Contact Information

Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre
Tel:(230) 213 2773
Fax: (230) 213 2726

Education Department
Tel:(230) 213 2773
Fax: (230) 213 2726

Address: Old Moka Road,
              Bell Village,

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