Model Glider Competition 2020

On December 17, 1903, two brothers, Wilbur and Orville Wright, became the first humans to fly a controllable, powered aeroplane. To unravel the mysteries of flight, the Wright brothers built and experimented extensively with model gliders. Gliders are aircraft without motors or a power source. Building and flying gliders helped the Wright brothers learn and understand the importance of weight and balance in aeroplanes.


The Contest is open to students of all secondary schools in Mauritius as follows:

  • Category 1: Grade 10
  • Category 2: Grade 12

Participants should work in teams of four students under the guidance of one supervising teacher.

Only one team per school is allowed to participate in each category.

Students who have opted for Science/ Mathematics/Design and Technology and even non-science subjects (Art/Languages and Social Sciences) are invited to participate.


Winning teams of each category will be awarded prizes as follows:

  • First Prize: Cash prize Rs 8000 + shield
  • Second Prize: Cash prize Rs 4000 + shield
  • Achievement Certificates:

    Certificates of participation will be given to all teams who submit their logbook along with their model glider during the preliminaries.

    Finalists will be given certificates of achievement as follows:

    Best flight distance > 35 m : Gold certificate

    Best flight distance > 25 m : Silver certificate

    Best flight distance >10 m :Bronze certificate